Khaas Food Limited

A Shariah Based Profitable Investment

Who We Are

Khaas Food is an innovative agri-tech startup based in Bangladesh that has been revolutionizing the agricultural sector with its sustainable and socially conscious approach. The company is dedicated to empowering smallholder farmers, promoting fair trade, and ensuring the production of high-quality safe food products. Khaas Food utilizes advanced agricultural technologies and practices to enhance productivity, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability.

What We Do

Through direct partnerships with farmers, the startup ensures fair pricing and transparent supply chains, eliminating middlemen and creating a more equitable marketplace. Khaas Food has not only improved the livelihoods of farmers by providing them with stable incomes but has also boosted rural economic growth by connecting them to wider markets. With a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture and social impact, Khaas Food is not only making a positive difference in the lives of farmers and their communities but also setting a benchmark for the agri-tech industry as a whole.

Problems At Bay

Farmers in Bangladesh face several barriers and challenges that hinder their agricultural productivity and overall well-being.

Some of the major barriers include:

Lack of access to credit and financial services: Many farmers struggle to access formal credit and financial services, which limits their ability to invest in inputs, modern equipment, and technology. Farmers have to rely on informal lenders charging high interest rates.

Market access and price volatility: Farmers often face challenges in accessing markets and obtaining fair prices for their produce along with proper market infrastructure, transportation facilities, and market information leads to being exploited by middlemen and price volatility.

Limited diversification and value addition: Over reliance on traditional crops and limited value addition activities limit farmers’ income-generating opportunities. Lack of knowledge and infrastructure for post-harvest processing restricts their ability to capture higher value from their produce.


Khaas Food is improving the livelihoods of farmers by providing them with fair prices for their produce and creating a sustainable market for Safe food products.

Here are some ways in which Khaas Food is creating impact:

Fair prices: Khaas Food ensures that farmers receive fair prices for their safe food produce, which helps improve their income and financial stability. This fair pricing model encourages farmers to adopt healthier farming practices and discourages the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Market access: Khaas Food provides farmers with a direct market channel for their safe food products. They bridge the gap between farmers and consumers by connecting farmers’ produce with urban consumers who value safe and healthy food options. This helps farmers access a larger market and reduces their dependence on intermediaries.

Financial support: Khaas Food helps farmers access to finance by collaborating with institutional investors, angel investors and different individuals. They facilitate investment and financial support to farmers, enabling them to invest in their farming activities and improve their infrastructure and equipment.

Sustainability and environmental conservation: Khaas Food promotes sustainable farming practices that focus on environmental conservation. They encourage farmers to adopt methods such as composting, natural pest control, and water management techniques that reduce the negative impact on the environment.


BDT 900

Average Basket Price


Orders Per Day


CAGR Over The Years


Unique Customers Served





Awards & Recognition

Fact Sheet Regarding Investment

BDT 115.8 Million

Investments Raised Over The Years

BDT 18.2 Million

Profit Disbursed Over The Years

BDT 103 Million

Investment Repaid To Our Investors

1000+ Farmers

Benefited From Our Projects

1224 Metric Tons

Agri-produce Purchased

3-5x Growth

Farmers Income

Wanna lose yourself in the primitive taste of foods, facilitated by a modern sanitation system, that will remind you of nature’s origin?

Feel like having a secured passive income which will empower the underprivileged rural leaving them with a big smile on their faces?


Khaas Food’s groundbreaking new Agro-Processing hub project provides an opportunity that will captivate investors seeking to be at the forefront of the sustainable Agro-Industry. With a vision to revolutionize the way we consume and produce food, Khaas Food is set to establish a state-of-the-art product processing facility that embraces PRIMITIVE PROCESSING METHODOLOGY facilitated by cutting-edge food sanitation and eco-friendly practices. From the processing of products like Oil, Grains, Dairy, and alike to plans, like AGROFORESTRY, this project embodies a commitment to sustainability and a positive impact on the environment. With its innovative approach to the food processing system, Khaas Food’s new project promises lucrative returns for investors, feel attached to the soil, and at the same time a chance to be part of a movement that promotes a HEALTHIER AND MORE SUSTAINABLE FURURE FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.

Investment Amount Required
BDT 50000000
Investment Tenure
3 Years
Estimated Profit Per Annum

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Investment Associate

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