Khaas Food Outlets

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Shankar (West Dhanmondi) Outlet

29/A, West Dhanmondi, Shankar
Phone: 01730715067

Khaas Food- Shankar

Shukrabad Outlet

Ground Floor, 100/A, Raisa Bhaban,
(Oppsite Side of Metro Shopping Mall)
Phone: 01713422231

Khaas Food - Shukrabad

Mohammadpur Outlet

Saraho Plaza, 8/KA, PC Culture Housing Society, Ring Road
Phone: 01730715051

Khaas Food- Mohammapur

Mirpur 10 Outlet

Shatabdi Bhabon, Plot – 19, Road  No- 1, Senpara Parbata
Phone: 01730715064

Khaas Food- Mirpur 10

Mirpur Rupnagar Outlet

Shop no 2, Holding no 59, Rupnagar Residential Circle, In front of Road no 21, Pallabi, Mirpur
Phone: 01730715061

Khaas Food- Rupnagar

Badda Outlet

House-11, Road- 12, DIT Project, Merul Badda
Phone: 01730715053

Khaas Food - Badda

Banasree Outlet

House- 43, Road- 4, Block- E, Banasree
Phone: 01730715063

Khaas Food- Banasree

Wari Outlet

20, Tipu Sultan Road
Phone: 01730715062

Khaas Food- Wari

Gopibag Outlet

92/kh, R. K. Mission Road, East Side of Rail Gate, Gopibag
Phone: 01730715057

Khaas Food-Gopibag

Gulshan Outlet

Shop No.: 6, K- 72/4 C, Gazi Lake View Tower, Beside Manarat Int. University, Jhilpar, Gulshan
Phone: 01730715059

Khaas Food - Gulshan

Uttara Outlet

House- 97, Road- 17/20, Sector- 14, Uttara
Phone: 01730715055

Khaas Food- Uttara

Khulshi Outlet

9R63+M6Q, Zakir Hossain Road, Khulsi

Phone: 01730 715060

Khaas Food- Khulshi

Agrabad Outet

Agrabad Access Road (Opposite of Lucky Plaza)
Phone: 01730715070

Sylhet Outlet

Anwara’s Palace AnamikaB-39, Shahi Eidgah

Phone: 01730715066

Khaas Food- Sylhet

Subid Bazar Outlet

Sunamgonj Road, East Subid Bazar

Phone: 01730715071

Comilla Outlet

349 KR Vivacity, Badurtola (Shwapno Building)

Phone: 01730715065

Khaas Food- Comilla